How to Do Spiderweb Eyeliner

Normally, the last thing you’d ever want near your eyes would be a spider! These eight-legged creepy crawlers are not exactly the most appealing to look at, but their incredible webs are works of art. With the emerging trend of graphic, unique eyeliner, some people have looked to spider webs for inspiration. Reminiscent of childhood Halloweens, some of these looks might be familiar even though the spiderweb eyeliner trend’s surge in popularity is recent.

What is Spiderweb Eyeliner?

Spiderweb eyeliner is exactly what you think it is! It’s the replication of the intricate patterns of a spiderweb on or around the eye using eyeliner. Much like the butterfly eyeliner trend we have a guide for, this eyeliner trend is quite versatile in terms of color and placement. You can make it what you want, and it works for all eye shapes!

Step By Step Guide to Spiderweb Eyeliner

Step 1: Pick Your Look

The only requirement of the spiderweb eyeliner trend is that it has some type of spiderweb-like design somewhere near your eye. Not a very strict trend, huh? You can totally freestyle this look as you go, but for those of us who need a bit more guidance (myself included) picking a look ahead of time to follow can help. The spider web can go on your upper eyelid, off the outer corner of your eye, or even below your eye!

It also helps to pick a color scheme for your eyeshadow. Unsure of where to start? Here are some example looks for inspiration:

Image depicting spiderweb eyeliner on the upper eyelid
image depicting spiderweb eyeliner on the outer corner of the eye
Image depicting spiderweb eyeliner under the eye

Step 2: Prep Your Eyes

This eye makeup look requires a good bit of product. In order to make sure it all stays put, it is important to prep your eye area before starting. Eye primer is a great way to make sure you have a perfect canvas for your eye art. This liquid product goes on like a moisturizer and dries down to provide a thin surface for your eye makeup products to stick to. Throughout the day or night, your eye makeup stays intact!

There are so, so many eye primers available, but we want to share our favorite affordable and luxury primers!

NYX Cosmetics, one of the best cheap makeup brands, has an amazing, low-priced primer. The Professional Makeup Proof It! Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer is a great choice.

NYX Cosmetics Professional Makeup Proof It! Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer

For a little bit more, Urban Decay offers its Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Apply the primer to all areas where you will be putting eyeshadows or eyeliners and wait until it dries completely.

Step 3: Apply Your Eyeshadow of Choice

For this next step, apply eyeshadow to match your selected look, or just make it up as you go! You can do anything from a simple one-color look to a rainbow ombre. If you are unsure how to apply eyeshadow, you might be able to pick up some tips from our article on how to do hooded eye makeup.

As for products, any eyeshadow you already have will do. If you are in the market for a new palette and need some recommendations, we have some here!

You can go crazy with this step, as this is where you can bring in the most color and pizazz!

Step 4: Pick Your Eyeliner

Spiderweb eyeliner requires a lot of thin, straight lines and precision. The best eyeliner for this is a liquid eyeliner with a precision tip. While usually done with black eyeliner, any color you choose can work so long as the applicator allows for it.

If you read our guides for puppy eyeliner or butterfly eyeliner, then you already know what eyeliners we are going to recommend! We’ll list them here below:

L.A. Girl Cosmetics’ Jetsetter Brush Tip Liquid Liner

L.A. Girl Cosmetics’ Jetsetter Brush Tip Liquid Liner

KVD Beauty Tattoo Liner

KVD Beauty Tattoo Liner

Step 5: Draw the Spiderweb

Now for the main event! Using your inspiration photo as a guide, begin to draw on your spiderweb. We recommend starting with the main lines that come out from the center of the web and then moving on to the connecting web lines.

For spiderweb eyeliner looks on the upper lid, draw the web in a way that compliments your natural eye crease. This way, the web eyeliner will fit the eye more naturally!

If you are opting to put the spider web on the outer corner, fan out one of the main lines as you would a traditional winged eyeliner. Build your spiderweb from that first line.

When putting the spiderweb below the eye, you should also work from a main line placed off the outer corner of the eye!

To achieve the best spiderweb eyeliner for your eyes, it is important to shape the web to your natural eye shape. Doing this will enhance your eye’s look!

Step 6: Finish with Lashes

To pull all of these steps together and complete the look, put on your best mascara or some fun false eyelashes. The shape of your eyelashes can go with the shape of the spiderweb to create a sleek, uniform look; or, you can do a big, wide lash look for a more bold appearance!

If you have eyelash extensions, feel free to skip this step. Just let your extensions do all the work!

For mascara, try a lifting and volumizing mascara to really bring your lashes up and out. Here are our top picks:

Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Waterproof Mascara

Lancôme Lash Idôle Lash Lifting & Volumizing Mascara

If you want to bump up your lash effect even more, you can try these false eyelashes:

Lilly Lashes Lite Faux Mink Lashes

Where Can You Wear Spiderweb Eyeliner?

Though it is a traditionally Halloween-related, goth eyeliner makeup look, don’t feel limited to October. Spiderweb eyeliner can be worn day, night, or for special occasions. You’ve just gotta own it! Customize the look to fit your specific needs and wants, and it is sure to add a little something special to your rotation. If you find that you want some pizazz while still sticking to a more traditional look, you can choose one of these other amazing graphic eyeliner trends!

Give It a Try!

If you are looking for a fun and fresh way to add yet another animal-inspired look to your wheelhouse, give spiderweb eyeliner a go! You can follow the steps above and try our product recommendations, or you can completely freestyle the look. There are no rules, and that’s what makes it all so fun!

Put some spiderwebs on your eyes; you never know what you might catch!