The Top 10 Makeup Trends in 2022

Makeup trends in 2022 are all about embracing and enhancing your natural features with products that look and feel good. Anyone can try these trends as they are easy to accomplish with the right products. 

1. Skincare loving makeup

Two years and counting into a pandemic that has changed just about every part of our day-to-day lives, beauty brands are making our lives a bit easier by combining makeup with skincare.

Some of us have been transitioning back into in-person work, while others fall somewhere on either end of the in-person/remote work spectrum. Whatever our situations look like, saving time is always welcome.

Examples of skincare-infused makeup products include Loreal Paris’ Radiant Serum Foundation, Youthforia’s Color Changing Blush Oil, and Charlotte Tilbury’s Hyaluronic Happikiss Lipstick. Loreal’s serum foundation claims to hydrate skin while providing coverage and sun protection. For other skin-healthy drugstore foundation picks, check out our top picks.

Youthforia showcases its blush in TikTok videos where the oil formula changes from green to a custom shade of pink as it reacts to the user’s pH, and provides a glowy and smooth finish. Charlotte Tilbury’s Hyaluronic Happikiss claims to hydrate lips like a balm while providing the shine of lipgloss and the color payoff of a lipstick; sign me up!

Whether it’s lipstick or blush, skincare-infused makeup is a trend that is here to stay. 

2. Naturally luscious-looking lips

This year, a full, yet natural-looking pout is taking center stage. Take Hailey Bieber’s lip look in this post for example. Her lips appear to be slightly overlined with a nude lip liner that is just a bit deeper than her natural lip color.

Her lip look is likely topped off with a hydrating lip product like a balm or gloss. Given Bieber just launched a skincare line, Rhode Skin last week, she may be sporting Peptide Lip Treatment.

Other lip products that are hydrating and give shine include the PhD Hybrid Lip Oil from Haus Labs by Lady Gaga and Tower 28’s ShineOn Lip Jelly. Lip liners to pair with these glossy picks include the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat, Mented Lip Liner, and NYX Cosmetics Retractable Long-Lasting Mechanical Lip Liner. For added color and staying power check out the nude shades of these top-rated matte lipsticks and these long-lasting lipsticks!

3. High shine blush 

This year, a beautiful flush of color and shine on the cheeks is a hallmark of makeup. Cream and liquid blushes are at the heart of this makeup trend. The secret to rocking glowy blush is finding the formula that works for you.

For a long-wearing liquid blush, try Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Liquid Blush. This formula is ultra-pigmented, so make sure you start with a small amount and blend as you go. For a mega glowy finish, try the Beauty Light Wand, a highlighter-blush hybrid, from Charlotte Tilbury Beauty. Pillow talk medium will give you a dreamy pink glow.

For a no-fuss option, try the Monochromatic Multi Stick from elf cosmetics. Pro tip: if you have oily skin or just want your blush to last extra long, try setting it with a luminous powder blush such as Milani’s Baked Blush. You won’t lose the glow, but your blush will be locked in for a full day’s wear.

4. Statement eyes made easy

Long gone are the days of fussing with loose glitter, glue, and the inevitable mess that came as a result. A statement eye is easier to achieve now than ever before. Swipe a subtle matte eyeshadow through your crease and level up your look with a special effect topper. To nail this look on another eye shape, check out our list of tips for hooded eye makeup.

Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Flakes add a multi-chromatic pop to your look in a matter of seconds. The formula is self-setting, so once it’s on, it will stay all day and night. Another easy-to-work-with statement eyeshadow product comes from the K-beauty brand, Kaja. The Beauty Bento comes with 3 complementary colors of cream shadows. Layer the matte and shimmer shades for a quick and fresh eyeshadow look.

For a liquid formula, try NYX Cosmetics Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeshadow. A quick swipe of one of the best drugstore concealers keeps the rest of your makeup soft and gives your eyes the attention they deserve! 

5. Sunscreen that plays well with others

Thanks to TikTok, the importance of wearing sunscreen is being emphasized to those of all ages. As of today, #sunscreen has 2.8 billion views on the platform! While most of us now know the importance of wearing sun protection, finding an SPF that you want to wear every day is a different story.

Common SPF struggles include the appearance of a white cast, especially on darker skin tones, stinging eyes if/when the lotion runs into your eyes, and being unable to reapply once you’ve put on makeup. According to John Hopkins dermatologist, Anna Chien, sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours.

Thankfully, in 2022, beauty and skincare brands are uncomplicating the process of proper SPF application. Take Summer Fridays’ newest launch,  Shade Drops Broad Spectrum SPF 30, for example. It’s a mineral-based formula that claims to leave no cast and can be used under makeup. And it seems like those claims hold up, as 98% of shoppers on would recommend this product to a friend!

Another great SPF pick comes from Elta MD Skincare: UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46. The clear, lightweight formula is also well-suited for layering under makeup. Whatever sunscreen you choose, the best one is the one that you will look forward to wearing each and every day!

And while skincare products can sometimes be expensive, it’s the perfect opportunity to sign up for Ulta Rewards so you can rack up some points.

6. Eyebrows for every mood

Eyebrow styling and trends are commonly debated. Some like their brows thin, reminiscent of the early 2000s, while others prefer a thick, bold brow. This year, anything goes. Instead of reaching for a razor or pair of tweezers, reach for an eyebrow gel.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze is a great option, as its clear formula is perfect for many looks. If you prefer a full, fluffy brow, apply the product while brushing your brow hairs upward. For a lifted shape, brush just the tails of your brows upwards (near your temples).

If you’d like to add some color to your brow hairs, opt for a tinted brow gel, like the Kosas Tinted Air Brow Gel or NYX Cosmetics Thick It Stick it Brow Gel. Think of tinted eyebrow gels like mascara for your brows. With the swipe of a wand, you will be grooming and depositing color onto your hairs all at once. As for choosing a color, I find going with something that is just slightly lighter than your natural hair color gives you some room to play, while a dark shade will become bold quickly. 

7. Lit from within complexion

Lit from within glow is a popular look that can be achieved with minimal makeup (and skincare). Skincare and makeup trends like glass skin have come from this want for healthy, luminous skin. A glowy complexion starts with skincare. A hydrated base is an essential first step, as makeup will blend better on happy skin.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre is a favorite of makeup artists. Dry skin types can apply a thin layer all over the face while oily and combination skin types can focus the product on high points of the face (i.e., cheekbones, nose bridge, the center of the forehead, chin) to prevent excess shine. Importantly, let the first layer soak into your skin for at least 60 seconds before moving to your next steps.

Concealer is optional, and less is more in this look. The magic touch will be adding a glow product that complements your skin tone. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter comes in 12 sheer colors to suit a wide range of skin shades and undertones. Pick one shade lighter than your skin to make your glow extra stunning. While this foundation can earn you 44 points with the Sephora Rewards program, check out these best drugstore foundations for more affordable options!

For a lighter product that still gives you that glow from within, skin tint is a great option. For more info, check out our article on skin tint vs foundation!

8. Update on a classic mani

French tip manicures have been reimagined with a chrome finish, in this post from @nailsbymh on Instagram. Pairing a bright color with a classic style like a french tip creates a refreshingly balanced look. Bonus, this look is easy to achieve at home. Pair a sheer nude polish with your favorite statement shade.

Paint french tips using the side of the nail polish brush, slowly rotating your nail to achieve a smooth line. If that’s not easy enough, press-on manicures are a fool-proof option. Find on-trend styles from Olive & June or Static Nails

9. Soft and subtle bronzer

This year, subtle bronzer application is favored over harsh contour. Embrace your natural face shape while sweeping a wash of summer warmth across the perimeters of your face. Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer is a great choice as the formula is highly blendable. This is also a nice way for those with fair skin to add some warmth to their complexion!

Another option for a subtle look is the Loreal Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Soft Matte Bronzer. For the most diffused look, apply your bronzer with a loosely packed, fluffy face brush. If you end up adding too much pigment to your face, pick up your foundation or face powder brush and lightly brush it on the areas that need softening. This is one of the makeup trends you don’t want to miss!

For budget-conscious picks, here are the top recommendations for drugstore bronzer.

10. Fluttery & long lashes

Long fluttery lashes are another trademark of 2022 beauty and makeup trends. In place of false lashes, achieve this look with a tubing mascara. Tubing mascara is different from traditional mascara because the formula wraps your lashes in tubes of mascara made from polymers.

These mascaras also tend to come off easily with a simple face cleanser and warm water. Since lashes are coated in separate tubes, the result is long lashes that are free of clumps. Two options to try are Caliray Come Hell or Highwater Mascara and Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara.

Final Thoughts on These Makeup Trends

If you are looking to stray from the traditional makeup looks such as cat eyeliner or the classic red lip, give these makeup trends a try! In recent times, makeup has become less structured; so, you can these trends at face value, or you can adapt them to better fit your look. Mix and match the trends or just use one, it’s up to you!