How to Use Black Blush

We, humans, have lived in a polarized world of black and white for hundreds of years. We even assign different meanings to different colors. For eg., the green color signifies calmness and having a deeper connection with the Earth whereas the red color signifies love, passion, courage, or even danger. 

Our preference for color changes over time as per our mood and taste or even our age. It’s equally prominent how the color “black” has pivoted from being just another color in the spectrum to a whole lot of emotion. 

In terms of your attire, as fashion police say, you can never go wrong with black. It’s simple, never goes out of style, and is also known as the most flattering color that slims your figure. 

Likewise, in the beauty industry too, when you think of something black, smokey eyeshadow, Halloween, and goth makeup pops your mind. Black blush has been stirring TikTok feeds a lot lately! So let’s dig deeper and see what’s the catch about the black blush. 

What is Black Blush?

Okay, it’s not what you think it is. It’s not going to leave a black patch on your foundation. 

The beauty of a black blush is it looks bold when you take it out from your makeup pouch and apply it. But it finishes off with a tinted rosy or a mauve hue be it shimmery or matte finish depending upon your choice. Like any other blush, it accentuates your cheekbones and adds the finishing touch to your makeup for the day! 

How Does Black Blush Work?

With blush, less is always more! It is true.

Like any other blush, black blush is like putting the icing on a cake. Whether you go for theatrical makeup or a natural one, adding blush on top always magnifies your sharp look. 

This kind of blush looks black but when you apply it to your cheekbones, it slowly changes its color like a chameleon and fits your skin tone leaving a soft rosy peach hue or a deeper mauve shade. After all, the goal is to look effortlessly natural and minimal and not look muddy.  

This trend is interestingly flattering if you’re always keen on new makeup hacks and tricks. Especially if you want to try out the ones which go viral over social media. 

Know more about the timeline of this beauty trend below if you want to look confident and bold!

Where Did Black Blush Come From?

Black blush was first introduced by an Australian brand, Lipstick Queen known as Black Lace 

Rabbit Cream Blush, back in 2017. Poppy King, the founder of Lipstick Queen created the magical black blush to mirror the illusion of black candlelight, and a bit of gold dust topped it. 

The blush took the world by storm overnight in May 2022 when reviewed by Marjan Tabibzada also popularly known as @youngcouture on TikTok. She is a content creator from LA with 3.1 million followers. As she calls herself the “CEO of ASMR & all things Beauty”, her stamp of approval took the black blush market by haywire. Click here to see her review if you haven’t already. 

With 4.6 million views on her video, the TikTok sensation of black blush has now become a real-life beauty trend. She uses a cream from Wet n Wild in the video. Well, she seems very skeptical at first before even trying it and doesn’t want to ruin her makeup, but to her surprise, you can see how instantly her reaction changes (0.11 seconds) and loves the mauve shade of the black blush. She’s totally digging it! 

Tik toker @youngcouture wearing black blush

How to Use Black Blush

1. Follow your skincare routine. 

Skincare plays an integral role in any makeup look. Our skin needs proper nourishment, so hydrate yourself all day! Cleanse, moisturize, and don’t forget your sunscreen. Don’t be lazy with your nighttime routine no matter how exhausted you are when you reach home. Remember, you’re in this for the long haul. Be patient with results and use dermatologist-recommended products according to your skin type (oily, dry, or combination skin). If you want your black blush to stay put all day, follow your skincare routine properly and go ahead with the primer and foundation as per your skin shade. 

2. Know your face shape. 

Knowing the shape of your face will allow the black blush to work like magic on your face. Remember, blush is here to highlight your face structure. Identify your face shape and apply the black blush to the apple of your cheekbones and towards the temple. Your face can be oval, round, square, or heart-shaped. Each shape is unique so remember to smile first before applying the blush! 

3. Know which tool to use while applying. 

Blush can be applied using a stippling brush or even with the tap of your fingertips. It’s not mandatory to use the brush if you’re comfortable using your fingertips. Most people follow the latter when they know what they’re doing. Depending upon the formula of the blush, makeup artists prefer using a dense brush. 

Either way, make sure you don’t hurt your pocket while choosing the right way of application of the black blush. 

4. Apply the black blush.

It’s show time. Once you’re done with your foundation and contour, you have to apply this black blush at the apple of your cheeks and stroke it towards your earlobes. If you’re not sure where to apply, just smile, preferably a wide one and your cheeks will automatically highlight the apples. 

At first, you might want to swatch your index finger in the black blush and see how the pigment turns out in your skin. 

Now, with the help of the stippling brush start with a small amount at first as this blush is pigmented, and decide on the intensity you want later. Start from the cheeks and slide upright towards your ear. You can use the brush or your fingertips or even the beauty blender. 

Based on your face structure you might want to use what’s left in the brush or your finger at the tip of your nose and forehead. Some people like to be creative and apply at the lips also known as “cupid’s bow”. 

Remember, you want to highlight your face structure while applying the black blush. There is no rule of thumb here. You can do what works for your face and what you’re comfortable with. 

5. Blend. Set. Go.

Never forget to blend your blush. Because if you do, you will end up looking like the worst possible flamingo bird. 

Use the same brush, or your fingers, or even a beauty sponge or a blender to blend the black blush. There’s no correct way or a correct tool for blending. This is when you see the magic of black blush, how it turns into a different color once it touches your skin. Don’t be alarmed if it’s a bit too much at first. Dab and blend, apply the same process, start from the apple of your cheekbones and softly slide towards your ears. You will know when to stop when you get a mauve hue of blush.  

Once you’re satisfied with the blend, you’ll see how radiant and unique it looks on your skin. You have now a black blush that changes its color and adjusts to your skin pH. 

Don’t forget to finish off with a setting spray so it doesn’t slide off all day. 

You’re good to go now! 

Best Black Blushes

#1 Lipstick Queen Blush  

Lipstick Queen Blush

This is the pioneer of black blush when Lipstick Queen launched it in 2017. Here’s where you can buy the blush named: Black Lace Rabbit.  The formula is rich in natural oil, shea butter, and anti-oxidant Vitamin E.  It finishes off with a shimmery look once applied.  

#2 Wet’N’Wild Coloricon Creme Blush

Wet’N’Wild Coloricon Creme Blush

This Wet ‘N’ Wild black blush is the same one used by @youngcouture. This cream pigmented blush finishes off with a matte finish once applied. 

#3 Anna Sui Cream Blush

Anna Sui Cream Blush

The Anna Sui Cream Blush is also known as Sui Black. It starts with a black tint while you apply and blends into light red. The key ingredients include; rosa caninca fruit extract, macadamia ternfoil seed oil, and camelia japonica seed oil.   

Does Black Blush Look Good on Everyone?

It’s very easy to spot social media trends on TikTok, especially beauty trends but it’s equally difficult to try them on your skin. We all have been there. But, you wouldn’t know the result unless you try it right? 

Here’s an example of what the black blush looks like on different women. It finishes off with pale pink to natural looking rosy shade, to even a salmon hue and into a raspberry hue. Either way, it magnifies the beauty of each woman. It makes your eyes and lips pop. 

So don’t you want to try it and see what color it finishes off on your skin?

When Should You Wear Black Blush?

There’s no right time or place to wear this magical black blush. Wear it when you’re feeling blue and see how it sparkles your eyes. Wear it on your girls’ night out, at your birthday, wear it at your best friend’s wedding or you can even wear it to work when you don’t want your makeup to scream and want a natural finish. 

This color blush also ties in well with darker eye makeup looks like goth eyeliner, alt eyeliner, and emo eyeliner! Anytime you want to put on makeup, use this black blush and see the magic when the black tint changes its color and fits your skin tone, just like a glove! 

Final Thoughts on Black Blush

It’s about time we change the narrative. Be it black or white, if it looks good on you, you might as well flaunt it. Assign your own meaning to this sensational black blush. You can even change what it means for you based on your mood! 

We’ve seen how people are hesitant to try out the new beauty hacks, especially the ones which go viral overnight. Even if you’re a millennial or a baby boomer, go try these Gen Z beauty hacks and voice it forward with your own style.  

Remember to play with the black blush as you seem fit for your face structure. Don’t hold back from customizing the look as per your style and enjoy the mauve finish.  

So, When in doubt, always wear black, in this case, a black blush!