How to Do Purple Blush

Purple is the color of Kings and Queens. In Western Cultures it represents royalty. It has been seen on cloaks and robes— even the highest ranked Buddhist monks wore purple! It’s your time, Queen! We have been sleeping on purple blush, like an enchanted princess who is waiting for her prince. 

So we are about to learn the peerage of purple blush. Sign, seal, and deliver all the news about this posh new trend. So grab your gin and dubonnet and let’s get ready for the Purple Jubilee!

What is Purple Blush?

Blush is a type of makeup that is traditionally applied to the cheeks of the face. Usually applied with a fluffy, tapered, or angled brush. It’s used to add color and warmth to the skin.

Purple blush is just as it sounds. It’s purple in color and applied in the same manner. Thankfully for us, blush applications have come a long way since the first royal wedding! 

Blush Tips:

1. Lift

To create a lifted appearance that will sharpen the face, and bring the bone structure up, you’ll want to add blush to the cheekbone. 

2. Flush

Blusher added to the apple of cheeks will give you a natural, flush look.

3. Widen

Blush applied right across the apple of the cheek, in a straight line, will slightly widen the face. 

4. Glow

Applying blush to the cheekbone, and the temple, like a curve or “blush draping” will give you the illusion of a very lifted face. Also adding a sun-kissed glow.

5. Balance

If you apply the blush in a straight line under the eyes that goes into the hairline and across the nose, you will add a soft flush to the skin and bring balance to the face.

Where Did Purple Blush Come From?

Purple blush is a trend seen from the early 80s. Grace Jones, who was a supermodel, beauty icon, and actor was known for her sense of style and purple blush! She was an innovator in the fashion and beauty world. It comes with no surprise to see her iconic beauty looks trending 40 years later — bow to the queen!! 

Purple blush went viral on TikTok. Rachel Rigler (TikToker) was the first to try this trend, as well as other creators like Yashora and MUA Alessandro. The noble purple blush has received over 26 million views since last fall! It is time it receives its fountain of honor!

Does Purple Blush Look Good on Everyone?

Purple blush is the sisterhood of the traveling pants! These blushes look incredible on ALL skin types! Especially deeper tones.

Like all colors, Purple tones have different variations and hues. A royal rule to follow; cool colors with cool skin tones, and warm colors with warm skin tones.

Not sure of your skin tone? Here are some tips:

Check your veins( and your bloodline while you’re at it!) They say If your veins appear blue or purple in color, you have a cool undertone. If your veins appear more green in color, then you likely have a warm undertone. If you have warm or olive skin you won’t want to miss this! 

Or like any true royal highness—try on some jewelry! If gold jewelry suits you, it is likely you have warm undertones. If you find silver to be more complimentary it is likely you have cool undertones. 

However, I challenge you to a duel! We all know rules are meant to be broken. Try all the shades! I bet you will be shocked at how gorgeous the different varieties will look on your skin. 

How to Do Purple Blush

Step 1: Assess & Apply 

Before you start your look, decide what face shape you have, and what blush technique application will best compliment you. 

Apply your primer, concealer, foundation, bronzer, and then your blush.

Step 2: Sweep, Dab, Blend, Stipple

You’re going to apply the blush in one of four ways

1. Sweep the product over the chosen areas with a large fluffy brush. 

2. Dab product with fingers to melt the color into the skin (this technique will give you minimal coverage and will work best with liquid or cream blush) 

3. A beauty blender or a sponge will help get a more precise application, great color deposit, and blendability. 

4. Stipple product by dabbing and sweeping over the areas with a stippling brush (a stippling brush has a top layer that is fluffy, while underneath is denser) this technique will give you an airbrushed look that’s soft and blended. 

Step 3: Repeat

Repeat technique or try a combo of techniques until you achieve your desired look.

Step 4: Highlight, Powder, Spray

Once you have achieved the look, you continue with a highlight on the tops of the cheekbone, tip of the nose, and cupid’s bow (totally optional.)

If you like a matte finish or have oily skin, this is the time to top off your look with a setting or translucent powder of your choice. 

And finally (my favorite part) a setting spray. This hydrates the skin, keeps your makeup in place, and completes the look!

Best Purple Blushes

1. NUDIES MATTE All Over Face Blush & Bronzer in the Color: Moodie Blu

NUDIES MATTE All Over Face Blush & Bronzer in the Color: Moodie Blu

This luxe product is highly pigmented and has all the TikTokers talking! A little goes a long way! It has a dense brush attached to one end that can help with blending. It’s extremely wearable and this product will last you a while. This stick is multi-functioning and it can be used all over.

2. Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Cheeks out Freestyle Cream Blush in the Shade: Drama Cla$$

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Cheeks out Freestyle Cream Blush in the Shade: Drama Cla$$

Fenty cream blush product blends into a rich cool pink. Another TikTokers favorite!  It truly will look amazing on all skin types. The product is creamy and has a beautiful consistency. It’s extremely buildable! It is truly the perfect formula and shade for all seasons. 

3. Rare Beauty By Selena Gomez Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in the color: Faith 

Rare Beauty By Selena Gomez Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in the color: Faith 

This product is absolutely lavishing! There is no wrong way to apply this product because of its consistency. You can dab it on with your fingers, use a beauty blender, or build it up with a dense brush. This liquid blush will stay on all night! 

4. Milani Cheek Kiss Cream Blush in the Color: Merlot Moment

Milani Cheek Kiss Cream Blush in the Color: Merlot Moment

This cream blush is all the power! Milani is one of our favorite cheap makeup brands, so it is going to save you some money —curtsy. It is berry toned and gorgeous! This cream blush is heavily pigmented. The color payoff will amaze you. It blends seamlessly and it’s not greasy. This will give you that “royal flush” you’ve been waiting for! 

5. Mario Soft Pop Blush Stick in the Shade: Plumberry 

Mario Soft Pop Blush Stick in the Shade: Plumberry 

Mario’s blush stick is a product that is soft and easy to blend. It is very sculpting—the stick application makes it very easy to target a specific area of the face. The fancy dual-sided brush makes traveling with these products so easy. The shade is a beautiful plum and gives an incredible payoff. It’s very buildable and you don’t need much product. 

When Should You Wear Purple Blush?

Purple blush isn’t— going— anywhere!

The ability to build these products, and the different range in shades, will give you the flexibility to wear this look all season long.

If you’re looking to create a summer look, you can apply a sheer layer on the apples of the cheek, along the bridge of the nose, and on top of the forehead. Giving you that sun-kissed glow found in today’s top makeup trends.

You can also nail some of the internet’s more popular looks like e-girl eyeliner!

If you’re looking to achieve a fall look, you can choose a shade with deeper plum tones. Add another layer of product and dab some on the lip too!! 

Final Thoughts on Purple Blush

We don’t need our bloodline to tell us that we are royalty! With these purple blushes, you are going to feel fresh, youthful, flawless, and expensive! 

May the best queen hold the crown! Royalty is not about having a lot of money, it’s about having a lot of makeup!!