15 Amazing Graphic Eyeliner Looks

If you are anything like me, you’ve been doing the same black or brown winged liner since you got your hands on eyeliner in junior high. Winged eyeliner can be classic — fierce and beautiful — but graphic eyeliner allows one the opportunity for creativity to really shine through. 

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram or TikTok then you’ve seen this trend has really exploded in popularity. If you want to step up your makeup look and really show your talent as a makeup artist test out these 15 amazing graphic eyeliner looks! 

1. The Tricolor Wing

tricolor wing graphic eyeliner

This eyeliner ups the ante for traditional make-up looks! It is a spin on the classic cat eye; black liner is outlined in teal and the purple under the bottom lash line creates a multidimensional, fun look. The gold in the inner corner is the icing on the cake. 

This particular model shows colors that pop on her skin tone, and you can too. Complimentary color palettes are not always what you’d expect, so you can really choose any colors. Regardless, they will add something fun and unexpected. Between the nod to the classic cat eyeliner and the use of bold, unconventional colors, I’m obsessed! 

2. The Flower Garden 

flower garden graphic eyeliner

The sky’s the limit with creativity with the graphic eyeliner trend, and this look takes our childhood doodling to the next level! The floral details are both whimsical and classically pretty. The Flower Garden look allows you to take the natural beauty of the spring and carry it with you all year long.

The individual, hand-drawn flowers might seem like a daunting task, but with some time, patience, and a steady hand you, too, can achieve this look. It’s not the most casual or everyday look, but it certainly makes a bold statement!

3. The Floating Eyeliner

floating graphic eyeliner

Consider allowing some space between the eye and the eyeliner for a fun optical illusion effect. This trend is called floating eyeliner and shows up again and again in the world of graphic eyeliner. It’s such a versatile look, it’s no wonder it’s such a fan favorite!

Embrace the negative space for a twist on a classic look. While it is a tad unconventional, the placement of the floating eyeliner still gives that classic, pointed eye look. If you want some tips on how to start this look, check out our step-by-step guide to cat eyeliner!

Then, just add the floating pieces and you’re done! For some bonus flare, add a dash of color like the Queen of Coachella herself, Vanessa Hudgens. 

4. The Baby Blue and Barbie Pink Color Winged Liner

Baby blue and barbie pink winged graphic eyeliner

All of you 90s kids may remember the Barbie Princess and the Pauper movie! This make-up look takes the famous baby blue and Barbie pink color scheme and brings it to the 2020s. The blending of the two eyeshadow colors creates dimension while the dramatic winged liner framing brings the drama!

You can take inspiration for any color duo, and they don’t even have to go together! Any colors combined with a smooth blend will achieve this eye-popping look! Paired with an otherwise neutral make-up look, I can’t help but be drawn to her eyes. 

5. The Wing + Floating Liner 

wings and floating graphic eyeliner

I love how natural this make-up look appears, and then bam(!), a dramatic winged eyeliner. This trend combines the classic black wing with the floating liner trend. The negative space above the eyes is almost reminiscent of Twiggy-era eyeliner, but it has a much more modern feel.

This look can present as both elegant and daring. Pair it with any outfit, and it will fit right in. You can even customize it by picking your own color for the inner corner eyeshadow. The silver is muted and stunning, but you could make this look a knock-out by replacing it with a bolder shade. Is it just me or do her eyes really pop? 

6. Teal Eyeliner 

teal graphic eyeliner

This monochromatic look is so eye-catching and flattering. Simple, but elevated. Paired with the feathered brows and I am in love! 

This unique style is perfect for creating the illusion of a more elongated eye shape, which so many people are after.

You can also play around with different color palettes to suit your distinct skin tone or eye color. You’ll often see this fun graphic eyeliner style at music festivals and other social gatherings where you want to make a statement.

7. The Halo 

halo graphic eyeliner

Another look within the floating eyeliner trend is this white halo look. It adds the fun optical illusion of a halo in a way that doesn’t look too costumey. The neutral color palette used to achieve this look makes it a potential pair for any outfit. 

This look can be achieved by starting a traditional wing with your colored eyeliner but ending it with a swoop back in! There are many versions of the halo floating eyeliner out there using different colors instead of white. 

You could also take this shape as the start of a butterfly eyeliner!

8. The Color Blocked Liner

color blocked graphic eyeliner

You may have heard of color block in the realm of fashion, but this look brings the trend to beauty! For those who don’t know, color blocking is the technique of putting striking and opposing colors next to each other for a striking juxtaposition. 

In the color blocking technique, the colors are separated and not blended. While not blending your eye makeup might be a bit counterintuitive, it can create a fun and colorful graphic eyeliner that is bold enough to carry a makeup look. 

Because there are no set colors in color blocking, this looks provides a perfect opportunity to flex your creativity muscle and put together something truly unique. Color blocking’s bold nature makes it an ideal look for going out!

9. The Golden Wing 

golden wing graphic eyeliner

If you are wanting to keep your graphic eyeliner more on the side of tradition but still want to make it a bit funky, try a golden wing! This classic twist uses a bold-colored liner to make a unique statement. 

Gold compliments most eye colors, so this is a really adaptable look. It’s creative yet subtle and doesn’t require the same intense focus that some of the other graphic eyeliners on this list do! The Golden Wing is an amazing starter look for those wanting to dip their toes in the water of graphic eyeliner.

10. Bright, Colorful Squiggles 

bright, colorful squiggle graphic eyeliner

Talk about creativity! These bright, colorful squiggles make a bold statement. You can create this seriously psychedelic look by mimicking wave-like patterns with your eyeliner!

The eyeliner crosses over the bridge of the nose, which is so cool and different! Because the squiggles take up a larger amount of the face, you can focus less on other makeup features and really make your eyes the stand-out!

The artistry involved in this look is high, and the patience required may be even higher, but we think you can do it! Squiggle graphic eyeliner would be right at home at a music festival like Electric Daisy Carnival or Tomorrowland when using these vibrant water-activated eyeliners!

11. The Criss-Cross Liner 

criss-cross graphic eyeliner

For another beautiful, creative look that requires a steady hand, check out this criss-cross eyeliner. Created by following the nature crease of your upper eyelid, this eyeliner look is a unique way to elongate and define your eye shape!

I am in love with the forest green tones! Find a color that works for your skin tone and allow this patterned look to elevate an otherwise natural-looking makeup look. 

12. The Rainbow Cut Crease 

rainbow cut crease graphic eyeliner

This graphic eyeliner look takes the commonly-known cut crease to another level! By blending the lines of multiple colored eyeliners, you can great this gorgeous gradient effect. This lovely influencer chose to beautifully complement her pink hair. So colorful and creative! 

She also has some white liner on her lower water line. The cut crease paired with the lightened waterline is sure to create the illusion of brighter, bolder eyes! 

To make this look even sharper, you can tight-line your upper lashes with a thin layer of black eyeliner! Tightlining is when you place an ultra-thin line of eyeliner right on your lash line. This makes your lashes appear more full!

13. The Glitter Eyeliner

glitter graphic eyeliner

Who doesn’t love glitter? Adding glitter to your inner corner is a subtle but effective way to jazz up the classic cat eyeliner. This is another simple addition that could really step up a look. 

The glitter will brighten and draw attention to the eye while adding a fun take on a classic concept. Any glitter will do, but neutral-toned glitter will reflect light in the most natural way. That being said, a colorful glitter will surely capture the attention of anyone who catches a glimpse!

For more ways to bring glitter into your eyeliner looks, check out this article full of the best glitter eyeliners!

14. The Gradient Sunset Liner

gradient sunset graphic eyeliner

This gradient graphic eyeliner look might replicate a sunset, but it is sure to wow all day long! The blend of colors from bright yellow to winged purple is so creative and pretty. This is another example of several colors being used in one makeup look and I for one, am all for it!

For this look, you can take inspiration from any sky phase: sunrise, sunset, or even the sparkling night sky full of blues, blacks, and shiny whites! Get creative with it or replicate the look above. Either way, this graphic eyeliner look is sure to brighten up your makeup routine.

15. The Navy Blue Under Lash Line 

navy blue under the lash line graphic eyeliner

We are finishing off this list with another reinvention of a classic. Buffed-out eyeliner below the lower lash line is far from recent, but the added color is new! The simple, yet elegant drop of color is so understated. 

The rest of this look is relatively natural looking, but the blue underneath it really gives it a more glam look! As always, the color you choose is entire up to your preferences, this is just inspo for an easy way to add color and step up your eyeliner game. 

Stunning Graphic Eyeliner Looks

There is so much inspiration out there for amazing graphic eyeliner designs! #Graphiceyeliner on Instagram is a wealth of creativity! This trend really demonstrates that we can step up our make-up game by elevating our graphic eyeliner game. We even have a whole article dedicated to the coolest eyeliner looks!

The easiest way of starting, if you aren’t as artistic, is by simply adding color instead of the classic black or brown you may be used to. Even this simple change will elevate your makeup! And remember all of these looks are adaptable; even for hooded eyes which are notorious for being difficult with eyeliner!

The key to all of these graphic eyeliner looks is to have fun with it! Decide whether you want to use pencil or liquid eyeliner, take some time, and practice your artistry. Having patience when getting into the more complicated designs can really make or break the outcomes. There truly is a graphic eyeliner look for everyone out there!