Tips for the Perfect Fox Eyeliner

The latest and greatest makeup trend to reappear in the beauty mainstream is none other than the iconic Fox Eyeliner. It is truly a brow lift without the botox, creating a slender smoldering gaze utilizing classic contour and highlighting techniques to elongate one’s gaze. 

Let’s break down the look into the basics!

What is Fox Eyeliner?

“Fox Eyes” or “Fox Eyeliner” is a makeup look that mimics the elongated almond eye shape of the fox. Suitable for all eye shapes, this trend creates a sultry look on and off the runway!

Fox Eyeliner vs. Cat Eyeliner 

Although very similar, each method focuses on slightly different results. The cat eyeliner application is focusing the wing on the outer part of the eye to make the eyes appear larger. The fox eyeliner look focuses on elongating the width of the eye, making them look wider. It is also a bit more of a goth eyeliner look than the traditional cat eyeliner!

The cat eyeliner is very classic and demure while the fox eyeliner is alluring and seductive. If you are still unsure as to the difference, we have a whole article on cat eyeliner to help you out!

How many ways can you do Fox Eyeliner?

Every eye shape is welcome to experiment with the fox Eyeliner look! All it depends on is what overall look you are going for. 

Do you want a doe-eyed, youthful technique to enlarge your eye shape? If so, this is NOT the ideal application for you! To create this look, we will be extending the appearance of the width of the eyes. This will create the illusion of a “smize” (think America’s Next Top Model).  

At home, you can customize your fox eyeliner in any way that suits your makeup kit! Some minimalist makeup enthusiasts use their concealer, translucent powder, bronzer/contour, and a simple black eyeshadow. 

Others may prefer a dedicated eyeshadow palette with some cool-toned matte earth tones, fluttery false lashes, and liquid eyeliner. Feel free to add some glitter, shimmer, rhinestones, or detailed graphic liner once you’ve mastered the basics!

How do you do Fox Eyeliner?

For best results, focus on doing your eye makeup before the rest of your face. This way you can clean up any smudging or mistakes with micellar water or concealer!

Products and Techniques: Prep Step

To extend the longevity of your products be sure to prime the eyelids. Concealer is an easy way to even your base but opt for one that is less hydrating and more matte. Be sure to use a much smaller amount, barely a dot for each lid. The thinner the product, the less future creasing you’ll deal with!

I love using these two concealers:

Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape 

Juvia’s Place I Am Magic Concealer

These are great concealers, but if you are looking to save a few bucks, check out these best drugstore concealers.

Just remember to set lightly with a flesh-toned or translucent powder. I use the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop All Day Mattifying Powder from NYX Cosmetics, but choose what’s in your kit! 

If you’re prone to oily eyelids, using a regular eyeshadow primer as your base may be preferable. The Urban Decay Cosmetics’ Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion is a classic cult favorite!

Products and Techniques: Contour The Lid  

Once you’ve neutralized any discoloration on your lid, gradually blend and build up a brown eyeshadow in the crease. Gradually smoke this up and out past the tail of your brows. 

Gentle deepen the outer-V or outer-third of the lid. Keep the rest of the lid clean. Although a cool-toned brown eyeshadow will give the best-contoured appearance if you’d like to be a minimalist, use your face bronzer or contour to minimize products. 

The Warrior II Eyeshadow Palette from Juvia’s Place is full of everyday matte shadows that will pair nicely with this look!

Bonus(!): I love having my nose contour blend right into the contour of my eyes. Use your transitional shade from the crease and blend it into the neutral contour color on the sides of your nose bridge. You can even blend your nose contour right into the inner brow bone!

On the inner third of the lid and the center of the lid, you will apply a matte highlight in a creamy eggshell or off-white color. If this is too bright for your skin tone, your flesh-toned face powder or another lighter, tan color can be used here! How do you feel after contouring and snatching your gorgeous eyelids?

Products and Techniques: Foxy Liner 

For the eyeliner, you could use a liquid, pencil, or gel eyeliner. Feel free to opt for a dark brown or jet-black eyeshadow if you’d prefer a smokier look. I prefer a very smoky, subtle gradient for ease of use and daily wearability. If you want something more snatched and fierce, black liquid eyeliner is best!

To keep the look clean and defined, you can use a business card or tape to create the sharp wing. You can also go back in with concealer to create sharper lines based on your preferences. If you want the classic fox eyeliner then take a very thin eyeliner brush and begin creating an ultra-thin line from the center of your eyelid/lash line out past your eye. 

Angle your mirror slightly downwards or angle your face upwards while looking straight ahead into your mirror. This will allow you to see the line you’re creating and make it even on each side. Feel free to take a cotton swab of micellar water to clean up any smudges or mistakes! The OG classic from Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Cleanser & Makeup Remover is my go-to for any makeup mistakes!

Sharpen and thicken the outwards and slightly angled up. Thicken the line to your preference 

For eyeshadow: pat your lash line with dark brown or black shadow using an angled brush. Smoke it out gradually and then build up the lash line, taking an angle brush and creating the same line as you would with the liquid liner. 

On the inner corner, create a tiny V with powder or pencil. Avoid going overboard and making your eye look point downwards too much!

Products and Techniques: Finishing Touches

Add your favorite mascara and a fluttery false lash that wings out near the outer corner of the eye! The Ardell’s Lash Demi Wispies 5 Pair Multipack is perfect for this look! 

Eyelash extensions could replace falsies, but we encourage you to read our article here before taking the jump.

Once you are satisfied, use your concealer to sharpen the edges and clean up your lines! Now you’re ready to finish beautifying the rest of your face!

Creating the Perfect Fox Eyeliner 

Although it may seem like a lot of steps, this application routine can be adjusted and modified with some experimentation. If you like the look, but want something a tad less traditional, switch out the classic black eyeliner for one of these attention-grabbing glitter eyeliners.

Feel free to use your favorites in your kit to glam up or down this look day and night time! How do you like to wear your eyeliner?