Top 5 Foundations for Glass Skin

When Rihanna sang “shine bright like a diamond,” we think she was talking about the trend of glass skin! Shining, shimmering skin has taken over the beauty world, and we are here to help with some tips, tricks, and foundations for glass skin.

In today’s day and age, teenagers and adults are constantly in search of the ideal look. Whether that is by snagging the latest TikTok fashion trend, kissing up to Fenty Beauty’s lipsticks, or selecting one of the many filters to smooth out our “flaws”, people want to present a picture of perfect skin. All of these methods are quick fixes when in reality we can make some changes in our routine to let our true beauty shine. 

What is Glass Skin?

Glass skin happens when your skin looks its absolute best and is at its healthiest. This includes a clear complexion, smooth pigmentation, and hydration for days. 

It is an enviable complexion that consists of exceptionally smooth and even-toned skin that’s so flawless it has the appearance of glass. 

Where Does Glass Skin Come From?

The desire and social excitement for glass skin initially originated in Korea. Interestingly enough, it is only within the past decade that glass skin has become a buzz in the health and beauty industry in the United States.  

English is not the primary language in Korea, so the term “glass” wasn’t actually being used by Koreans. Instead, Koreans would use words that were similar to or synonymous with glass such as, “see-through” or “luminous skin”. 

What Are Some Other Factors of Glass Skin?

Korean skincare is known for its innovative formulations, surprising ingredients, and flat lay-ready packaging.

Achieving the glass skin look is a commitment. Glass skin is not something we can click our ruby red heels for 3 times and proclaim, “There’s no skin like glass skin. There’s no skin like glass skin. There’s no skin like glass skin.” We may not have the superpowers of Dorothy, but we do have the power of completing the steps for a strong skin care regimen in our daily lives. 

These certainly aren’t the kind of skin results you can just get overnight, however, illustrious and clear skin is achievable even if you aren’t blessed with incredible genes. It requires time, high-quality products, and an overall change in mindset regarding a healthy and balanced lifestyle. People must be up for the task of making changes that decrease stress, welcome nutrients, and dedicate their energy to the health of their skin. 

What Can I Do Outside of Foundation to Get Glass Skin:

Glass skin must first start within. A nutrient-rich diet, drinking plenty of water, frequent exercise, and proper sleep are key to having a strong foundation for any skincare routine to fully be effective. Once your foundation is secure, you are then ready to make glass skin a reality for you. Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can boost your skincare regime and attain the glowing complexion of your dreams. 

Step #1: Double cleanse

It is finally acceptable to double dip. In this instance, it is for doing double duty on cleansing your skin. Your skin — especially the skin on your face — collects so much dirt, grime, and environmental pollution that it is a must that you do your due diligence and cleanse it all away at the end of the day. Start with a cleansing oil or micellar water for your first cleanse, then follow with a gentle foam wash or cream cleanser.

Step #2: Exfoliate

Now that your face is so fresh and so clean, it is time to exfoliate. Exfoliating will remove all the dead skin cells that dull skin and clog your pores. There are different products and methods you can use to exfoliate your skin. You have two choices when it comes to exfoliating your skin: mechanical or chemical exfoliation.

Chemical exfoliation uses hydroxy acids to remove the top dead layer of skin. The second way to exfoliate is with physical scrubs. All of the best scrubs for glass skin have exfoliating beads or fruit pits that slough the dead skin off of the surface, leaving your skin nice and smooth. 

Step #3: Tone

Layering is key here to achieve extremely hydrated skin that’s necessary for glass skin. One of those layers most definitely has to be toner. Some people shy away from toners due to experiences with overdrying and harsh chemicals, but Korean skincare utilizes only the most refreshing and nourishing formulas like green tea, floral water, or ginseng to allow your skin to soak up all of the yummy, beauty goodness. 

Step #4: Add an Essence

Essences are more lightweight and watery. We like to refer to them as the treatment formulas that act to address skin concerns like redness and pigmentation. The good news is essences look to treat and add another layer of moisture to the skin. 

Step #5: Treat with a Serum 

In K-Beauty, serums are known as ampoules. They contain higher concentrations of treatment ingredients. The ampoules help to firm skin, minimize pores, and even out skin tone while reversing signs of aging, promoting collagen, and hydrating our skin.

Step #6: Moisturize

Moisturizing is key in any skincare routine, but K-Beauty experts recommend picking a moisturizer that contains Cica. Cica, which is short for Centella Asiatica or Gotu kola, is a sought-after ingredient in Korean skincare because of its healing, anti-aging, and barrier-restoring properties.

Step #7: Apply an Eye Cream

Glass skin is not as impactful if you are walking around competing with the local airport with the amount of bags you may be carrying around under your eyes. When choosing a skincare routine, people tend to completely skip the care for the skin around their eyes. The skin around your eyes is fragile and can be drier than the areas on the rest of your face. We recommend adding an eye cream to nourish your eye area. 

Step #8: Apply a Face Oil 

It is important to note that face oil should only be used during the day. Sealing your skincare routine with face oil is a luxurious way to usher in a beautiful day. Face oils will seal in moisture and protect your skin against daily stressors. 

Step 9: Sun Protection

No matter how many steps you have in your skincare routine, your skin cannot shine if it is being wrecked and weathered by harmful UV rays. Therefore, SPF is an absolute year-round must during the daytime. Try out lightweight formulas with tons of jam-packed moisture. 

What Should I Look For in a Foundation for Glass Skin?

Any makeup foundation when applied over dewy, moisturized skin will make your skin look great for that day. However, it is important to pick foundations that will not only let your skin breathe but protect you at the same time. 

We already have a list of the best foundations for dewy skin, but the foundations below give you that extra special glassy effect.

Your foundation and makeup should also protect your skin. UV radiation and blue light are important to keep in mind when searching for make-up that covers up and loves your skin at the same time. Blue light from your phone and extended exposure to UV radiation age your skin and causes hyperpigmentation. It is important for your skin to look good not only today but also in the future. 

5 Best Foundations for Glass Skin

Below are a few of the foundations we highly recommend to keep your skin happy, healthy, and glowing. In order to perfect your application, we suggest you check out our step-by-step guide to making sure your foundation stays!

#1: Revlon PhotoReady Candid Anti-Pollution Foundation 

Revlon PhotoReady Candid Anti-Pollution Foundation

The Candid Glow from Revlon is a sheer, anti-pollution, glowy foundation. It’s ideal for a fresh, effortless look that also keeps you protected throughout a busy day. 

#2: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturiser SPF30

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturiser SPF30

Bare Minerals tinted moisturizer is a match made in heaven for those that want a little coverage, yet an ability to let their skin breathe. Bonus points to the formula that also boasts an SPF 30 for all seasons of the year. The lightweight gel cream boosts hydration without calling on oils which is wonderful for people with easily congested skin. 

#3: Smashbox Studio Skin 24-Hour Oil-Free Hydra Foundation

Smashbox Studio Skin 24-Hour Oil-Free Hydra Foundation

Smashbox’s liquid formula is an oil-free, long-wearing, foundation that won‘t settle into pores and fine lines. Users of Skin 24 rave about this foundation for its coverage without the consequences of breaking out. 

#5: NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

This top seller provides full coverage with its vegan and velvety formula. The liquid foundation includes a dropper that allows you to adjust the number of foundation drops until you create your perfect matching color. It has the weight of a skin tint, but the coverage of a foundation!

Final Thoughts On Foundations for Glass Skin

When it comes to achieving your glass skin goals, remember to be patient and take the time to find the products that are right for you. A true skin care regimen should be a ritual that is tailored just for you.