17 Cool Eyeliner Looks to Try

Mastering eyeliner looks is one of the best ways to elevate your eye makeup routine. From a classic black cat eye to an assortment of graphic lines, eyeliner can be your canvas of expression. Here are 17 cool eyeliner looks to experiment with the next time you’re feeling creative!

Black eyeliner has been the norm for a while, but you can take any of these looks to the next level by using a non-traditional, colorful eyeliner!

Who Says Your Eyes Can’t Do All of the Talking?

Reinvent your versatility with these eyeliner looks:

1. Natural Eyeliner

Not ready to be too adventurous? You simply can’t go wrong with an everyday liner that flows with the natural shape of your eyes for a flattering and subtle look you’ll be sure to master in no time.

2. Thick Layers

Precision may not be your best friend just yet, so try using a pencil liner to create thick layers. You’ll have plenty of canvas to play with shaping and smudging that’ll have your eyes elevated to looking like a pro.

3. Winged

While a cat eye can be intimidating to control, a simpler winged eye can make all the difference for a beginner. Try adding a winged liner to your top lid the next time you have a little extra time to play.

4. Top Eyeliner

Just enough eyeliner to help define what you already have. A top lash line-only eyeliner look gives you the option of a range of eyeshadows to pair it with and it’s effective enough to wear alone.

A Twist On The Classics

5. Cat eye

Perhaps the coolest of cool eyeliner, the cat eye may never go out of style! Try adding a bit of drama to your eye makeup with a pointed cat eyeliner look.

6. Reverse Cat Eye

Basically a classic winged cat eye, but upside down; a reverse cat eye focuses on the lower lash line to give your eyes a fun and edgy twist on an iconic eyeliner look.

Want to take it a step further and elongate your eye even more? Try out our guide to fox eyeliner for that snatched look!

7. Double-Winged Liner

Every now and then a look so iconic makes a revival and we can’t help but be obsessed. The double-winged eyeliner is not a new trend but it’s an impressive one. This classic 60’s era winged tip helps elongate and exaggerate the shape of your eyes.

8. Baby Wings

An ever-so-slight eyeliner connection of your top and bottom lash line will create the most angelic and classic winged liner look. Try the baby winged eyeliner for an easy spin on a classic look that still packs all the drama of a full cat eye.

9. Abstract Liner

An abstract liner proves how eyeliner is great for expressing yourself artistically. Try out different angles and shapes on the inner and outer corners of your eyes to take your look to the next level. 


10. Neon Colors

So what if you’re not invited to a Euphoria-themed soiree, you can still play with bold neon colors to brighten any look for any occasion! Cool eyeliner takes inspiration from everywhere.

If you want really pigmented neons, try out some of these water-activated eyeliners!

11. Multi-Colors

When it’s hard to choose just one, choose them all! Try a fiery red on top and a sultry blue on the bottom for a vivid combination of fire and ice. 

Combining any two colors can be fun! Pick complimenting colors, opposing colors, or just any two colors that strike your fancy.

12. Waterline

Eyeliner on the waterline is an instant hack for enhancing your smoky eye or brightening the ever so dreadful tired eye. Apply a waterline eyeliner to awaken your eye makeup and really make your eyes pop! 

Create Lines

13. Graphic Lines 

There’s eyeliner and then there’s the unconventional world of graphic eyeliner. If a normal winged liner just won’t do, experiment with a graphic liner to be sure your eyes are the main attraction.

14. Fishtail Liner 

It’s all about the intricacy without the stress of perfectly perfect lines. Explore the fishtail eyeliner look with asymmetrical flicks of liner in your upper and lower lash lines to create a futuristic appeal.

15. Crease Liner

If a standard cat eye just won’t do, give your eyes some extra edge with floating graphic lines on the crease of your lids. This trend was originally popularized by ‘60s super model, Twiggy, but it has made its way back around!

16. Jeweled Liner

It’s giving Bling Bling! Jeweled liner is possibly the most festive liner look to try. With reusable rhinestone, glitter, and even pearl adhesive eyeliner, the jeweled liner is your sure way to play all day!

17. Personalized Liner

Nothing is one size fits all when applying eyeliner, so try personalizing your eyeliner based on your eye color.

You can try any of the amazing looks above with an eyeliner that goes best with your eyes!

Some eyeliner guidelines based on eye color:

  • Brown Eyes – many shades work well with brown eyes, but for a nice contrast to make your earthy brown eyes sparkle try a variation of dark blues, deep purple, and even classic black.
  • Hazel Eyes – the beautiful twist of green and brown allows you to play with warm brown shades to richen the chocolate specks in your eye color, while green, gold, and grey will surely brighten the emerald hues of your eyes.
  • Green Eyes – bronze and red undertones are great for bringing out the green in your eyes, but you may want to play with purple hues as well to really make them pop!
  • Blue Eyes – who doesn’t get lost in a set of ocean blue eyes? To further set sail of your true blues try brightening your eyes with warmer tones like gold, brown, and copper. If you’d prefer a darker look try hues of dark blue like navy.

Pro tip: You can also personalize your eyeliner by eye shape and even your skin tone!

Customize Your Smize

Eyeliner is a great way to express versatility and creativity with your makeup for any occasion. Don’t be afraid to draw outside the lines, smudge a wing or two and switch up your style by trying any of these cool eyeliner looks!

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